Tomato purée

Available in:
jar of 680 gr and 280 gr – Pack of 6 or 12 jars

Tomato purée

Tomato purée “Cepelli”

The tomato purée is an inevitable and irreplaceable ingredient in the Italian cuisine. What would the meat sauce, the sauces and the pizza without the tomato sauce be?

Although tomatoes were among the products imported from America at the end of the 1400s, not everyone knows that it was in the Emilian countryside that they began producing tomato purée. Our farmers were the first to dry the tomatoes in the sun and then turn them into sauce. A practice that then spread throughout Italy and that over time has given rise to a very dense network of industries.

Tomato purée “Cepelli” is an artisan product obtained from the best fresh tomatoes grown with integrated pest management. We use only quality raw materials from the Emilian region and the only ingredients present are tomatoes and salt. The preservation is kept in a bain-marie that gives the purée the typical sweetish taste and a dense and full-bodied texture.

Our tomato purée is unmistakable for its creamy appearance and the typical bright red colour. Our tomatoes, grown and processed in Italy, are selected and harvested during the day to transfer all the freshness that characterizes them into pots.

The preservation material allows to keep the final product intact over time and the unmistakable taste of tomatoes matured in the sun.

Available in:

in pots of 680 and 280 gr – Pack of 6 0r 12 jars  

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