Giant Green Olives

Available in:
Jar of 580 gr

Giant Green Olives in Brine

The Benefits of Green Olives “Cepelli”

Green Olives “Cepelli” are a versatile food in the kitchen which can be used in a variety of preparations: perfect for aperitifs and delicious on pizza. In Italy there are 60 varieties of olives divided into table species and oil species. In our territory there are numerous cultivars of olives, each of them with its own specific organoleptic characteristic.

It is well known that the intake of olives stimulates the appetite and promotes digestion. Green olives have a very low lipid and calorie content compared to black olives. Olives preserved in brine should be eaten with moderation if you have hypertension problems, but this way of preservation will keep the product intact and its properties unchanged.

Green olives are a food whose composition is characterized by the prevalence of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These have a positive effect on cholesterol metabolism and are useful for storage in food cooking processes. The nutritional performance of this fruit is excellent thanks to energy lipids up to 98%. Because of their components, olives can help to thin the blood and eradicate free radicals against tumors.

Available in 580 gr jar.

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